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So I just looked on the jeff Co website and something has really pissed me off. They’re actually selling videos of Eric and Dylan , they’re selling their autopsy files , FBI interview files for $10-$15. This sickens me. I’m all in favour for releasing the basement tapes and…

That’s gross.

its fucking disgusting [link]

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I mean, why the fuck not?

Anonymous: what do you think would happen if two teen girls bombed or gunned down a high school? if they left journals and videos. how do you think the media would react and if they ended up killing a lot of people, do you think the massacre would become a household name? I do not plan on doing this at all, just wondering and asking blogs I think would have an opinion on this :)

This is going to be long so prepare…

I think there are two possible outcomes on what would happen, all depending on whether the media or government got news of the massacre first, and whether it was a shooting or bombing. I know I sound crazy but bear with me. If the government got news of it first, regardless of it being a bombing or shooting, I feel like they would do everything they could to cover it up, sort of like they’ve done with the Sandy Hook Shooting, (just look at the minimal evidence and pictures that have been released, but that’s a completely different story) because if teen girls did it their entire stereotypical “model” of a depressed teenage male interested in “goth” culture and violent movie/games being the perpetrator would be destroyed. In the past they’ve tried to blame “violent” movies, music, video games, etc on why the shooting happening, but girls tend not to be involved in this stuff and therefore it wouldn’t be a plausible, easily accepted alibi. I feel like the government wouldn’t want this profile idea challenged, and would attempt to make it just a small blip on media radar to prevent a public outcry and complete panic. HOWEVER if the media managed to get the news of female-caused school violence first, especially if it resulted in mass killings, the media would flip a shit and broadcast it worldwide. Panic would ensue and the world would be in shock that 2 girls could do this, especially if it was a shooting involving hand-to-hand combat rather than a bombing. If it was a bombing, I feel like they would say “Girls are more meticulous and therefore more suited to using a bomb blah blah blah” (because in all honesty, a bombing doesn’t involve much gore, just careful planning) and wouldn’t cause as much panic, other than possible bag searches at schools. But going back to a shooting, I think the massacre and the shooters would become a household name, perhaps even comparable to Columbine with Harris and Klebold. The journals would be read by all, assuming they were actually released, and cause complete hysteria… But there’s also a chance they would try to blame the girl’s boyfriends/guy friends for being the reason the shooting happened, or go into some female hormonal bullshit and try to use it to further argue against equality for all genders but that’s a completely different topic… and ive written probably too much at this point so im gonna shut up and end this. But there’s my view on what would happen.