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"You died over a year ago, and no one noticed"
-Written on one of Eric’s memorial crosses (via thecolumbineblogwithrebandvodka)

part of my english final was on the Oklahoma City Bombing and a bombing in Iraq and that just feels wrong for some reason…
schools preach anti-violence and then give us this as our final.

Jared Michael Padgett Was Reynolds High School Shooter


Jared Michael Padgett Was Reynolds High School Shooter

Jared Michael Padgett

Jared Michael Padgett

15 Year old Jared Michael Padgett has been identified as the shooter at Reynolds High School in Oregon yesterday.

He had an AR-15, a semi-automatic handgun and 9 loaded magazines with several hundred rounds.

Student Emilio Hoffman was killed in the attack. Teacher Todd Rispler was injured.

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